Head to Wind Publishing is a collaboration of writers, editors, designers, and people from all walks of life with all kinds of experiences to share. The company publishes nonfiction (memoir/adventure, sustainability and garden, life guides) and fiction (literary and mainstream).

The name Head to Wind is drawn from sailing. You head to where the wind is to get your boat going. You also bring your boat into the wind (with sails flapping and making a ruckus) when coming up to a dock or mooring, spilling the wind and slowing the boat. Sailing close to the wind can be risky, but it's exciting when heeled over and going like mad. Trimming one's sails is a life skill. To be successful you need to tackle a subject -- and life -- with  gusto. Otherwise, you miss half the fun. Head to Wind Publishing looks to inspire both readers and collaborators with the excitement, the variety and the community that sharing our lives, our ideas, our trials and triumphs offers each of us.

The Crew

Nancy Taylor Robson, Acquisitions Editor bio>

Melissa MacIntire, Editor 

Former reporter for the Washington Times, former social/business editor at the Kent County News, and now Advisor for Washington College's Elm newspaper, Melissa is also a dedicated runner and mom, who says “ I also feel like I’m slowly watching my sanity slip away as my children age. I figure that by the time they are teenagers I’ll be full on senile!"

Matt Robson, Associate Editor

Having spent five years at UMD in environmental engineering and public policy, Matt also brings a lifetime of reading and writing to the enterprise and  proofs for minor glitches, grammatical errors (without losing sight of vernacular language) as well as reading for narrative arc, construction and content. His practical experience in construction (physical), chemistry (he worked distilling cannabis for a year-plus in California), and wrangling chickens and working in the fields on an organic farm gives him a well-rounded approach to literature of all kinds.

Sue Collins, Marketing

RN and longtime hospice nurse, who kinda 'fell into' her lifelong commitment to hospice, Sue is our marketing genius, who loves thinking up new ways to get an idea (in the form of a book) into the mainstream where it can be useful and appreciated.

Margie Elsberg, Ollison Elsberg Associates, Media Consultant

Margie, partner in Ollison Ellsberg Associates, a 25-year veteran of the Washington press corps, former city editor and news show producer, trains everyone from CEO's, rocket scientists and leadership teams to publishers and writers how to stand and deliver in front of an audience, a camera or a mic without making fools of themselves. 

Lotte Bowie, Design 

A trained package designer, Lotte has also worked in marketing, sales and  publishing, including innovative launches for Vanity Fair magazine. She's highly skilled at marketing, website and photography, but her love is branding and branding design. Her company, Loblolly Productions, was recently awarded the Maryland Grape Growers' Association's Veraison Award  for her indefatigable (and highly effective) work growing 'Chesapeake Wine Country." She's also a wife, mom and competitive swimmer and loves to laugh and design wine labels.

Walter Bowie, Web Consultant

Walter Bowie is an animator, photographer, web programmer and creator of marketing and documentary videos. He has worked with both international clients like The Gap and locally on projects such as a video on the Waterman of Rock Hall in partnership with The Mainstay.